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We're followers of Jesus committed to loving God and all people. Our faith community seeks to build up God's kingdom through daily living, public witness, active support of the people and practices of the church, and spiritual growth as disciples of Christ. 

Services and special presentations from
Houston Mennonite Church in Houston, Texas.

Jun 28, 2021

This week is Houston Mennonite Church's first public gathering in 67 weeks. Pastor Marty will speak about coming home again into the family of faith, about what is still the same, and what can now different. This sermon is a celebration of the church as an expression of Jesus' love and care. If you're looking for...

Jun 21, 2021

In this sermon, Pastor Marty invites us into the freedom of God’s uncertainty. How have we made idols out of narrow images of God?

Scripture Readings (NIV)

Acts 17:16-29


I Sought the Lord (VT 161)



Jun 14, 2021

This summer we're exploring meaningful names of God and how our images of God have changed during our life. In this podcast we listen in as Raye speaks about pursuing the good. How are you pursuing goodness and God?

Scripture Readings (NRSV)

Colossians 4: 5-6

Romans 12: 9-18

Romans 12: 21


Will You Let Me Be...

Jun 7, 2021

What name do you call God? Have your names or images of God changed throughout your life? This summer we will explore these questions by hearing from different members of the congregation. This week, we will hear from Pastor Marty talking about several scriptures loaded with different names for God.