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We're followers of Jesus committed to loving God and all people. Our faith community seeks to build up God's kingdom through daily living, public witness, active support of the people and practices of the church, and spiritual growth as disciples of Christ. 

Services and special presentations from
Houston Mennonite Church in Houston, Texas.

Great Physician Prayer from 3-21-2021

Mar 22, 2021

Great Physician and Healer,

We thank you for the wide variety of gifts and abilities you bestow upon your image bearers. As we look back on this past year full of chaos and sickness, we thank you for those in the healthcare field, who have acted as  instruments of hope and healing. We pray for those who have been on the...

Hymn Lyrics: The God of Sarah Praise

Mar 8, 2021

Words by David Bjorlin

The God of Sarah praise
the God of dreams long dead
who births new life from barren ground
disarming dread.
Though grief lasts through the night
joy rises with the sun
God leaves us laughing in surprise at
death undone.

The God of Abrham praise
the God of all who roam
who guides us into foreign...