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We're followers of Jesus committed to loving God and all people. Our faith community seeks to build up God's kingdom through daily living, public witness, active support of the people and practices of the church, and spiritual growth as disciples of Christ. 

Services and special presentations from
Houston Mennonite Church in Houston, Texas.

May 6, 2021

Saul’s life is interrupted and transformed when Jesus asks him a question oppressed communities often ask, “Why are you hurting me?” Saul doesn’t come “just as I am” as if “all are welcome.” He must first conform to the ways of Jesus and accept his history of violence. How is our life, our narrative, our behavior, being interrupted by the cry of the oppressed?

Special Sermon by Dr. LaTayna Purnell

Sermon Transcript

Scripture Readings

Acts 9:1-19 (NCV)


Jesus Stand Among Us (HWB #25)
Author: W. Pennefather (1873) // Tune: WEM IN LEIDENSTAGEN